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world's celebrities

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Aristotle was born the year 384 B.C. and died in 322 B.C. ... philosopher or Aristotle Ooorstatalis is the most noted philosophers Greeks ... Aristotle was educated at the hands of Plato and Alexander the nice was able to receive his information at the hands of those, bringing to one of the most important and greatest thinkers, died and left us several books every in philosophy and others in physics, poetry, theater, music, logic, rhetoric, linguistics, politics, government, ethics, biology and zoology .... Maeensp most important to the thinker philosopher is that the idea of the event of Western philosophy.

The emergence of philosopher: dated 384 BC born thinker Aristotle .. It was his home town of Asitagara Macedonia ... His father is Nekomajos he knew a doctor ... he did not stay philosopher abundant in Macedonia however once the age of seventeen was the year he determined to maneuver to Athens so as to finish his education and already there he joined the Academy of Plato, but in 347 B.C. Plato died, Aristotle determined to leave Athens and visit Atrnillos a town within the Greek.

The life of philosopher personal: Decide Aristotle to marry a girl UN agency was ruling Hermeas sister remained Amaaha three years .. then he left then to the island of Lesbos and was moving out there the want of King prince of geographical region needed to bound his son at the hands of philosopher was this boy known as Alexander the good. . Arstoa remained a close friend of Alexander the good and was consulted all told its affairs in order that they are going along to campaign for the gap of nations.

Aristotle research: it was for philosopher activities in several areas, including the field of associateatomy during this space was philosopher continuously will an autopsy on living organisms and therefore the codification of all his remarks on this anatomy ... and when he joined philosopher Institute Plato was finding out amid pupils diligent and excelled along in the study of all the scientific fields of drugs biology and arithmetic and natural philosophy philosopher was a self-made student Asitaa that his genius shows and diverse researches

Aristotle and the Institute of Plato: since philosopher joined Plato Institute joined the King Hermeas tile which was in 347 B.C. ... As we mentioned when he died Plato and became philosopher shut friend of his pupil Alexander the good, but when he died, Alexander decided to philosopher switch back to Athens .

Aristotle's logic: It was the philosopher philosopher several books on logic combines been named these works as "Aloorjanon" ... but the word Aleorganon they area unit adequate to the word tool maybe this name isn't a vacuum, but it stems from the writings were all special topic of thought .. Aristotle is the initial thinker during this world UN agency complete that any issue subject to logic and may be accessed analyzed by logic supported the reasoning method is predicated on the mensuration and accept proofs example operations on the reasoning within the 2 cases "every individual, the process, and Socrates a man, then Socrates van "

Aristotle's philosophy: Aristotle of the most noted philosophers Greeks he excelled within the field of philosophy, best known for his natural philosophy of philosopher, because philosopher was making an attempt to study the character and depth by his words and months "in order to know the modification should distinguish between the image and therefore the article or issue. According to Aristotle's belief, the change is that the article itself is gaining a new type. The number of Aristotle's four reasons for the modification and 2 (physical reason why the image .. .. Effective .sbb final reason ...) "

Aristotle and Ethics and Politics: interested philosopher abundant information of the ethics and politics and the philosopher target sensible information that makes a speciality of dominant human behavior and build it are often performed by avoiding wrong actions ... It is the foremost important his words during this direction is that the happiness is their initial man who's continuously making an attempt to realize as continuously it's seen that man is barely a sane animal .... As for morality and virtue in behind Aristotle is that the Human avoid any radicalization in his behavior. ".

The status of philosopher: Aristotle it comes second when Plato among the philosophers of the West .. Aristotle is the one UN agency based the science of logic as he considers that it's the exploration of science and trendy physics ... Aristotle was his thoughts of infinite concerning philosophy and could be the bomber discussion concerning philosophy The case continues to be open thus far ... Aristotle is the founding father of ethics beside his studies on biology, "biology" ... I had to place a particular hair Aristotle and his several writings and compositions ..

The most important words of philosopher

- Poverty and the father of the revolution and crime. Be aware means to suffer. Satan brings men along. We rely on our happiness.

- Sign learner mind is the ability to trade without the concept be accepted.

- Should work to follow the wise mind

- One out of everything he does.

- Who is not a wise continues to be moribund.

- Virtuous deeds pleasing the likes of virtue.

- Those who area unit in passion lose all authority over themselves.

- Evil folks is that that Bfssogah hurt himself and the people.

- Who didn't facilitate him secure the flag did not hurt mental object

- The patient will not be able to dress welfare wears Once his want to try to to thus.

- To judge {something|one issue} special is guaranteed to be a special human responsive to this thing

- The Constitution is the order of positions of power during a country.

- A friend isn't an addict all for one.

- It should not be confused with the good town and therefore the city's metropolitan population.

- A real friend is one soul in two bodies.

- The whole thing is what features a starting, middle and end.

- All the inhumane acts stem from one or additional of these causes: probability, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, desire.

- Humans naturally want information.

- All paid jobs occupy the mind and reduce the quantity.

- All virtues summed up in dealing justly

- The bad guys fill them with regret.

- Modesty Accessories for youth, but a flaw on recent age.

- Your wishes come back down to the amount of current financial gain, rose by only once it permits you to try to to high financial gain.

- Change desirable in everything.

- The courage and the suggests that to worry and trust.

- Courage the most vital human qualities as a result of it's quality that ensures the remainder DETAILS

- Democracy is the rule of the needy, not the property owners.

- Dignity, not owning feats, but accrues

- Education Accessories in prosperity and in adversity haven

- Best hoard of aging education.

- Fear pain stems from the expectation of evil.

- Friendship, partnership necessarily.

- Happiness depend on America we tend to area unit.

- Who will not board a society, or does not need that it's either associate animal or a god.

- Saleh's ruling must have been ruled by

- Hope dream daydream.

- Of defeating desires bravest UN agency defeated his enemies, because the more durable the conclusion is the conclusion over oneself.

- Philosophy taught Pine Tree State to do what others do without concern of the law orders