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Doing Good Tech Versus Doing Good With Tech

 The FDA is currently considering clinical trials for a drug that would delay aging. The idea of extending human longevity is a controversial one, with some arguing for immortality and others arguing that a lifespan into the mid-70s is perfectly...

Techcrunch / Startups - منذ سنتين

Yahoo Will Acquire Fashion Startup Polyvore

 Yahoo just announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire style-focused community Polyvore. In a blog post about the deal, Yahoo’s senior vice president of publisher products Simon Khalaf highlighted “Polyvore’s experti...

Techcrunch / Startups - منذ سنتين

Is This Flying Car Company For Real?

 We’ve been promised a flying car for as long as I can remember. From The Jetsons to Back To The Future, we’ve been sold this dream for years and years. Owning something that starts out on the ground and ends up flying through the ai...