Here's why some people are getting $20 checks from LinkedIn


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If a friend or colleague or even you — yes, YOU! — finds a check from LinkedIn for $20.43 sitting in your mailbox, there's actually a pretty good reason for it. 

The checks are part of a $13 million settlement that the company reached in 2015 with plaintiffs over, of all things, annoying emails the platform was sending to users. 

Actually got a settlement check from the @LinkedIn class action. Hello Venti extra-shot Starbucks!

— Bethany Evans (@bethanycevans) October 18, 2016

LinkedIn's Add Connections program allowed users to import their personal contacts into the company's system and then have invitations to connect sent out on their behalf. However, if a recipient of the invitation email didn't accept the invitation within a certain amount of time, LinkedIn would then send two follow up emails repeating the invitation. Read more...

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