Panjab University student elections: Police meet leaders of students’ bodies, speak against violence

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In order to ensure that no violence takes place during the elections to the students’ council on the campus, the police authorities called a meeting of major leaders from all student organisations at PU on Monday. The meeting was held in the presence of PU Chief Security Officer Jatinder Grover, DSP (Central) Satish Kumar and SHO of Sector 11 Police Station Narender Patial.

During the meeting, the police issued strict instructions to all the student parties against any election-related violence. The police told the leaders that a list of 35 repeat offenders from all student parties had been prepared, and all these students were being monitored closely.

The police authorities informed the students that any student organisation indulging in unfair means for garnering votes would be disqualified immediately. The police also apprised the leaders of the Lyngdoh Committee guidelines and informed them to seek permission from the PU authorities and police before taking out any rallies. The student leaders were also instructed against sticking their pamphlets and posters anywhere in the Tricity without prior permission of the UT Administration; any students found doing the same would be arrested immediately.
According to sources in the police, along with an extensive list of all registered cases in the last eight years, a list of 134 vehicles that are being strictly monitored has been made. Permanent address, local address and mobile numbers of all the defaulters have also been recorded.

In addition to this, the police are also identifying more defaulters indulging in any unfair means/violence. “Sometimes student leaders who have been associated with the parties a few years back also reportedly indulge in violent activities around the election season. We are being thorough and all activities are being monitored strictly. There is no way students can get away with any violence this time around,” said a police officer.
Around 200 cases have been registered since 2008, out of which there are 57 election-related cases across Chandigarh. Last year, eight student leaders had cases registered against them because of election-related violence. In 2013, however, only three cases had been registered at the Sector 11 police station during the elections.